The importance of traveling with a conscious mind

What does it mean traveling with a conscious mind? It means you think of the consequences of your actions while on a vacation. It means you care for the environment, the people, the culture, and everything around you while on the go. It means you think and plan ahead to waste less, use more eco-friendly products, book more sustainable transportation and accommodations, support local communities when possible, go on ethical tours that lower the negative impact of their operations and immerse and learn about local cultures and traditions.

We all have a different motif and style how we travel. Some like sunbathing on the beach, some like visiting museums and art galleries, some like going on tours to engage with the local culture and some like going out in the nature.

Now, when the world experienced a halt on its global economy with the pollution of its ecosystem there is a clear sign of a cleaner environment. Due to lack of human activities there is cleaner air, abundance of wildlife around, cleaner ocean and more tight-knit communities  Рto focus on the positive.

Let us hope that we all learn from these positive impacts and times of change can lead to the introduction of lasting sustainability habits.