Teaching children while on vacation

We all have different motives when traveling. Some people love doing nothing just laying on the sun and go swimming, some people go far away from the everyday routine to relax, some people actively seeking cultural engagement or looking to learn something and some people actually want to help others and achieve fulfillment through giving back to the community.


For those include in the latter there are hotels around the world that reach out to communities and offer guests the chance to involve in helping local people. One of these opportunities is to teach English to local children. This type of vacation is not like the volunteering travel or voluntourism where your main reason to travel is to volunteer and the minimum stay is three months. This travel only includes a few hours charity work in your free time.


Grace Bay Club in Turks and Caicos guests can teach math and reading for the local youth. The Grace Bay Resorts Community Foundation entered in a project for charitable and community initiatives to support local schools and encourage youth to be leaders, especially in the tourism sector.


Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta in Mexico supports the Delia Moran Vidanta Foundation, which helps children in low-income families in the area to learn English and math and guests can play soccer and baseball with them too.


Six Senses Yao Noi in Thailand also offers opportunity to guests to teach basic skills for a few hours in local schools according to their abilities. Not only it is one fo the leading hotel in sustainability due to its natural materials use, energy efficiency, water and waste management, environmental protection and social commitments it has a Nature Trail for guests to experience the mangrove forest.


The Cliff Hotel in Negril, Jamaica also support children at the local school and teach them to read and computer skills.


So, if you really want to help communities and children you can even if you are on vacation. You will go home not only with great memories but you will actually feel much better. You will know that you did something good for this planet and this will make your trip much more powerful and memorable.


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