Solar Hotel, an eco-friendly budget hotel in the heart of Paris

Sometimes we only need a couple of days to relax or we can only get away from work or family for a very short time. A few days in Paris can be a very rewarding vacation. I had a chance to spend three days there and I know I will definitely be back in the future.


Traveling to Europe can be a little expensive on the flight costs, however now there are some low cost long haul airlines available to get to the other side of the ocean. If you do not want to spend a fortune on hotels you can choose budget hotels. Paris can be pricey when it comes to accommodations, therefore I was searching for some less expensive options. I came across a little eco-friendly budget hotel in the heart of Paris in Montparnasse called the Solar Hotel. All I know was that they practice sustainable operations and the price was pretty good. Little I knew that a location of the hotel was actually priceless. They have two buildings and we stayed in the one that is on the Rue Daguerre, a little walking street full of quality high-end food stalls and shops. I was mesmerized by the fish market shop, which has a restaurant next door they use daytime and at night. I had to have a huge fresh seafood dinner there, which was the best seafood I have ever eaten in my life! There are also cheese shops full of thousands of types of cheese, butcher shops with beautiful meat products, foie gras shops, wine shops, boulangeries, etc. They were all boutique shops with exceptional quality of products.


Also, the metro station (Denfert-Rochereau) next to the Les Catacombes de Paris was only at the end of the walking street. Paris has a very good transportation system so it is very easy to get to anywhere by metro or train. They have different types of transportation vehicles underground. They have the metro with 14 lines and the RER – which is a train – with 5 lines. Normally you cannot change metro to a RER with a plain ticket, but there are some stations you can. You can either buy one-way ticket or a bunch of 10 tickets from the ticket machine. It costs about 15 EURO. You can use one ticket on multiple metro lines if you don’t go outside of the stations. We could get to the Eiffel Tower in 20 minutes by one metro line.


The other easy and practical transportation is Uber since taxis or cabs rip you off. Anything with meter in it will not charge you the correct amount. Not only in Paris but in the whole Europe. I used Uber in Athens, Porto and Paris. Paris and Porto also have Green Uber with the same price as the Uber X but with full electric cars. So, choose wisely as there is no reason not to choose the sustainable option.


The hotel’s room was very simple but clean, but that’s what you pay for. They offer free organic breakfasts every morning, which includes fresh breads and croissants with butter, jam, honey, or cereal, yoghurt and tea or coffee. They do the shopping in paper bags and in their own cart. I saw bags full of organic produce. In their garden they have giant water collectors, bicycles to use for guests and they grow their own herbs too.


Solar Hotel was definitely the best choice to enjoy a little Paris for our short visit.


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