The Power Of Mini Vacations

Why You Need To Take Mini Vacations


All of us get stuck in the rat race of life time to time and instead of sweeping the feeling under the carpet you should think of a quick getaway from your usual environment.


It does not have to be expensive nor far remote. Places that are even just an hour or couple of hours away from your home would provide the much needed recharge.


Mini vacation is a 2-4 days time-off depending on your urgency, demand and obligation. If you have kids at home it could be more complicated but you could organize a family trip. If you have animals at home try to find something where you can take them with you. There are accommodations in the US that accept dogs.


On the financial side you might have to spend some money on babysitter or dog sitter (if you decide to leave them behind). However, you have to think about the huge benefit of mental recovery and the medical bill you can avoid by changing your local environment.


Your choice also depends on whether you are a passive or an active vacationer. If you are the former type you can easily find a spot and just relax with a little movement around you. National Parks offer a wide range of places to enjoy the stillness and tranquility. However, if you are an active person you should spend more time on research and pack your days full of adventures. Try a new sport you have never tried before but wanted to. How about paddle boarding or paragliding?


Here are some examples of some passive activities:


Hiking/Walking – Walking in nature changes your brain, makes you happy and reduces anxiety.

Fishing – It boosts your immune system and teaches you patience.

Wildlife viewing – It can be very exciting to see animals in their natural habitat. Breathing fresh air while observing wildlife can deepen the sense of your well-being.

Stargazing – Never underestimate the power of stargazing. It will absorb you and connect your whole being with the cosmos. You will feel energized and empowers your imagination and inspiration.


Lexi jumps in  Jumbo Rocks in Joshua Tree National Park, California.

And here are some active holiday options:


Paddle boarding – First of all, you need a lake to do this. It means you are already in a relaxing environment so why not try paddle boarding? You will also learn about your strength and balance.


White water rafting – If you are looking for a fun and scary thing to do on your vacation you should go white water rafting. It’s in groups so even the whole family can participate. The overall risk is very low and you will be wearing lifejackets.


Zip-lining and obstacle course – This one is a tough one. It needs both physical and mental strength. Zip-lining is more of overcoming your fears before you jump but the challenge course has its name for a reason. It will challenge your abilities on a high level. It’s hard at the beginning but once you finish it the benefit can last for your entire life. You will know you are capable much more in life than you thought before.


Snorkeling – If you live or can travel places with beaches and beautiful reefs you should definitely go snorkeling. Go explore the underwater world of the oceans. You don’t need to submerge deep in the water it takes place on the surface in the shallow water. It means even non-swimmers can snorkel.


Why don’t you check out these places and choose one that interest you the most. Make a plan and off you go to clear up your mind!