We create memorable travel experiences and unforgettable events that leave you with amazing feelings.


  1. We design full and partial travel itineraries (example: Two weeks in South East Asia including Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar, or one week hotel booking and car rental in Costa Rica)
  2. We book travel segments such as airfare, hotel stay, transportation, tours, restaurants, etc.
  3. We organize events such as corporate events, team building, seminars, conferences, birthday parties, baby showers, etc.


We proudly represent the sustainable travel niche within the tourism sector, which makes our job a little more complicated than a simple travel agent has. Using various tools we aim to find the most eco-friendly options for you or your company including airfare, hotels, transportations, tours, restaurants, etc. We work with our suppliers closely and our eco-conscious business list continuously grows reducing the time spent on research.

Therefore, we have different price structures for each individual and company, and it depends on the research, the type and the length of the trip for the booking.

Service fees:

We charge service fees for each segment of the trips, which starts at $50 for an individual single booking such as a domestic one-leg coach airfare (or car rental or hotel or tour, etc.)

Additional fees: Cancellations, exchanges and refunds or if you have started a booking already and we have to clean it up.

Consultation fee:

We may charge consultation fees for research and planning, which can vary depends on the length and complexity of the trip. We have destinations we know better but there are places we have to lay the groundwork and conduct a thorough exploration. It also covers the time spent on supporting the client during their trip.


For corporate bookings please ask for a quote on 818.699.3788 or by email.



We’d love to hear your questions, inquiries or interest. Please send an email and we get back to you as soon as possible or alternatively we can be reached on 818.699.3788 or by email.