Who We Are

Who we are

Travel Forever is a sustainable travel company focuses on designing and optimizing individual and corporate travel to lower their carbon footprints. Lexi Randazzo, founder of Travel Forever, has a passion for both travel and sustainability. She wanted to create a business model that incorporates the  two and TRAVEL FOREVER was born. She did not want to follow the way how conventional travel agencies book travels without the environmental, economic and socio-cultural consequences. She wanted to concentrate only on those mindful travel businesses that care for the environment and support the local communities while also offering memorable experiences. Travel Forever provides a solution to handle all parts of travel the most sustainable way possible for their clients.





Our goal is to change how people travel – on individual and corporate level – and inspire them to travel in a more sustainable style. We do encourage them to apply sustainability to all aspects of their travel including flights, accommodations, transportations, tours and think about offsetting their carbon footprint.


We believe by influencing people to make small changes in their travel on an individual level will result a shift on a much higher scale.  Being aware of climate change and its effects creates an opportunity to make changes to avoid more pollution. We educate, influence and guide all travelers to become mindful and care for the environment and community.


We aim to work with credible and like-minded businesses to provide excellent services to our clients. To follow a more sustainable way of travel we utilize innovation and technology to create valuable systems for everybody interested to lower their carbon footprint. We only work with valid and verified third party carbon credit organizations that demonstrate ‘Additionality’.