Culinary travel with authentic local food

Food and drink became the pulling power of destinations highlighting culinary tours in every corner of the world. It does not mean you travel only to eat but you will still be engaged in different cultures on your journey.


Tours can be short or long depending on what you aim to achieve. You might want to just have a little skill to create a new authentic dish of a foreign country or you might want to explore an entire county’s various food options and learn all the regions, and its cultures while also traveling around.


Short tours could be local tours in cities to show you the most hidden little gems off the path serving local authentic dishes and secret bars you would never find yourself. These tours take only a couple of hours or max half day.


Also, cooking classes belong to the less time-consuming activities as they last about 2-6 hours. Some places you have a choice between standard and exclusive classes so you can let others be on the class with you and your companion or you can own the whole kitchen by yourselves. Anyway, who wouldn’t want to know how to cook a local paella in Barcelona, a real Thai curry made with galangal and coconut milk in Bangkok or make fresh authentic French souffle shopping for ingredients in the Marche Maubert market in the heart of Paris.


But do not be panic there are longer classes that takes a full day or days to complete. If you are one of those who already has some cooking skills and want to widen it with some extra experience you can sign up on classes such as the 16 days Italian Adventure Food Tour, the 6 days of Jordan Taste Tour or the 3 days Bite Size Break in Delhi. The Italian Adventure Tour takes you through Italy from Venice to Sorrento where you can taste fresh burrata cheese, the famous Italian pizza and pasta with seafood and fresh, local ingredients. The 6 days Jordan tour offers you an insight into the Bedouin’s cuisine, which has unique cooking and preparation. And if you love spicy, hot food do not miss to go on a food tour in India. You will be surprised how many different curry exist and how many other vegetarian spicy food you can make in India.


At the end of your vacation you are not only richer with some new cooking skills, new experience and maybe some new friends but you go home with a bag of memories.


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